Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Sublime...I just died and gone to heaven.

Check back later when Alex is available to do a commentary about this because I will not be able to do it justice.

Alex's commentary:
After many months of reading reviews and all the build up, we finally get a reservation! The concierge at the Beverly Hills hotel negotiated and begged for an availability. After the reservation has been finalized, the concierge warned me how tough the chef is. He has kicked out many patrons because they fail to mention their likes and dislikes. Liz was getting scared because she has many food limitations.

The place was really hard to find. There was barely a sign...just a small one that read "Urasawa" by the elevator. It is located on the 2nd floor, in the nicest area of Rodeo Drive. We were greeted by our server by name when we walked in. Upon walking in, we realized how small the room was and there was a deadening silence. The decor was very minimal, barely an ambience. Only 9 seats at the sushi bar and a small room for 4, although the don't use that room for guests, except for hanging our coats. There was only 1 guest when we arrived at 7pm. He was already half-way done with his meal.

All 3 of us felt really uncomfortable at first, definitely not your typical sushi restaurant. Once we sat down, I ran my hands over the table and felt how smooth it was. Oh yes, I read that he sands his bar down every night. There and then, I knew we were in good hands...let the adventure begin.

Hiro-san asked for our names and we were on first-name basis from there. He asked Liz if she had any dietary restrictions, she said she doesn't eat salmon roe, uni and dairy. His response was "You cannot eat here then." Oops...big booboo! Then a smile cracked from his face and she was relieved.

I am not going to go through every single course that we had because we were served 9 appetizers, 22 pieces of "you have only 10-second to eat" sushi, 2 deserts and a green tea.

All in all, although it was quite intimidating at the beginning due to the small size of the restaurant and the attention that is lavished upon us, once we got into the meal, the nerves slowly left and the meal was tremendously enjoyable. I will definitely come back!

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aSaY said...

So...when is Alex posting? I'm anxious to hear about it! :)

Liz said...

LOL...sorry for the delay! I will make sure that Alex updates this post by the end of the week! :)